Explore Cuisine brand ambassador Liana Werner-Gray, author of The Earth Diet:

“Curb the calories by skipping the cheese and opting for avocado instead, which has the “good” kind of fat and still adds creaminess to salad, recommends Liana Werner-Gray, author of The Earth Diet and brand ambassador for Explore Cuisine. Also, choose “the most organic, local and seasonal options as possible,” she says. “These foods have the most nutrients per bite, per calorie.” And of course, be wary of tempting dressings—Chop’t’s California Goddess packs in 160 calories per serving, 150 of which are from fat, and often loaded with refined sugars. Stick to olive oil, vinegar and maybe some salt, pepper and lemon.”

From the article “The Chopped Salad Super Craze: How Good Is It for You?” – http://www.alternet.org/food/healthy-salad-craze-myth-or-reality

Photo Credit: BONNINSTUDIO/Shutterstock